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Prism Technical is a private sector entity that specializes in project and construction management, business development training and corporate internship training and placement. Prism, started in 1995, works to ensure the diversity of workers and legitimate contracting practices on major construction projects funded by tax payers. This has allowed Prism to advise many forward thinking companies and governmental entities on matters of process, management, knowledge transfer and strategy.

We are the oldest, largest and most capable firm of our type in Wisconsin, with a staff that includes backgrounds in Accounting, Business Administration, Business and Legal Instruction, Construction Administration and Management, Engineering, Human Resources, IT, Law, Process Management, Sales, Marketing and Social Work.

After two decades of operation and more than $6 billion in construction projects, over $1.7 billion in diverse spending, and workforce inclusion totaling more than several million man hours for low income, un- and under-employed residents, women and ethnic populations. Prism has had unprecedented success on Wisconsin’s most prestigious projects and has accumulated an unparalleled catalog of experiences working with small, women and minority owned businesses. These experiences led Prism executives to recognize not only the need to create educational programs that elevated the business skills of these small businesses but also to keep talented individuals within the region to continue contributing to the success of local companies.

Prism is regularly deployed to analyze and develop solutions to assist small and large businesses in their efforts to work together to complete complex projects and processes.  At the ground level, our work involves both (A) creating solutions that assist small businesses in their pursuit of greater opportunities and (B) working with governmental entities and large companies to assure compliance with complex local, State and Federal regulations.

What's in a name? "Prism" represents the diversity in our staff talents and the people we serve. "Technical" applies to our approach to solving human diversity issues.  We strongly believe "what gets measured gets done," and as a result, we not only measure our publicly reported "end" goals, but a great many internal objectives as well.  "Management" - We believe in the old Holiday Inn tagline: "The best surprise is no surprise," and develop a project team mindset to succeed by first achieving micro goals, developed in partnership with funding sources, the community and/or contractors. As the micro goals are achieved, the larger publicly reported goals fall into place.  Regarding "Marketing," there's an old adage that starts out with - "If a tree falls in the woods..." that can be applied to project successes.  We ensure that our clients' success stories - and there are many, on our projects - are shared with the world.  Our reporting can be as simple as a spreadsheet, or as comprehensive as full reports with interviews and photos of project participants or full video interviews of those positively impacted.

Additional programs developed and managed by Prism:

Disparity Studies

Working with the national leader in conducting Disparity Studies – Mason Tillman Associates (Oakland, CA), Prism has assisted with Effectiveness and Disparity Studies in WI, TN, TX, MD, MI and CA. Such studies, when properly conducted as mandated by the US Supreme court, allow states and municipalities to initiate powerful corrective measures to reduce or reverse past discriminatory practices against minorities and women.

Small Business Development (2005-Present)

Following Prism’s work on Miller Park and Lambeau Field, the firm’s leadership wanted to provide small business owners with the tools to be better business people -- able to effectively compete in the highly competitive construction marketplace with or without third party assistance or watchdog firms. As a result, Prism developed and continues to manage the Small Business Development Program of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD), now also including the City of Milwaukee DPW. Several hundred business owners and key employees have benefited. The goal of this initiative is to be an effective tool to assist M/W/D/SBE firms to become more self-sufficient and profitable.

Regional Internships in Science and Engineering (RISE) (2008 - Present)
RISE was born out of frustration our clients were seeing with the lack of staff diversity with the engineering and contracting firms who perform
their work. The result was RISE – which recruits diverse engineering students attending college anywhere in America, but who attended high
school in the area. Students are trained and coached, but must compete for internship opportunities. The ultimate goal is to retain these students in the local marketplace upon graduation. The program has been highly successful.