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By Sean Ryan  – Reporter, Milwaukee Business Journal

Prism Technical, which has made a name in Milwaukee helping construction projects meet local hiring and small business goals, is expanding with an office in St. Louis.

Founded in 1995, Prism Technical Management & Marketing Services LLC has consulted on projects including the downtown arena, Northwestern Mutual’s office tower and construction of Miller Park. It monitors whether contractors are hitting hiring and contracting goals, which often are intended to create opportunity for minority workers and businesses, and helps project owners achieve the goals.

On the restoration of Milwaukee City Hall years ago, for example, Prism CEO Randy Crump forged ties with local churches to help companies find workers. That model could be replicated in St. Louis, he said.

“Folks have a lot of challenges coming from no job to a project like that, and the goal was to have the churches be a sort of safety net,” he said. “Our mission is to do what we do in Milwaukee, but in St. Louis.”

Crump said he has done lead work to establish Prism’s name in St. Louis, including some free consulting to the city on new software for a local hiring program. Prism in January established a full-time office in the city, he said, which is led by Marthia Bell.

“We have just been getting the government officials to get to know us and understand us,” Crump said. “We’ve met with a number of developers, and they have similar challenges as in Milwaukee.”

Crump also wants to explore new opportunities in Milwaukee where Prism has 14 employees. That will include performing diversity work for industries beyond construction, he said.

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